Why you should buy British made Activity Equipment

,.Transport only CO2e emissions

Importing 1 pallet of 8x large dog tunnels into the UK from Mid Europe and then transporting to a central UK location emits approximately 43kgCO2e*
Transporting the same pallet/product direct from our manufacturing facility in Barnsley 200 miles to a customer would emit just 5kgCO­2e**

So buying from a UK manufacturer emits 8 x less CO2e!

*Based on importing 1 standard pallet (1000x1200mmx1500mm w/d/h) of 8x Large Agility tunnels (250kg) from mid Europe to Calais by HGV, to Dover by Cargo ship, then from Dover to Sheffield by HGV (a central UK location, representative of average UK customer distance). Total distance 1651km.

** Based on transporting 1 standard pallet (1000x1200mmx1500mm w/d/h) of 8x Large Agility tunnels (250kg) from our Wombwell facility, a distance of 200miles by average sized, average loaded HGV

(Calculations are made using governments standard emission factor for transporting 1000kg by Sea and HGV, converted to weight of pallet + product= 250kg.)

Energy – At Naylor we use our energy consciously and make every effort possible to minimise our consumption. As such, we have installed a large solar array to provide a significant percentage of our energy supply and are investigating various technologies to increase our self-sufficiency and to reduce the carbon footprint associated with energy supply. We are also bound by UK law to have our energy use audited on a regular basis. This provides an opportunity to highlight wastage and improve efficiency.

Packaging – We ensure we use the optimum amount of packaging to ensure the package/pallet is secure, while also minimising packaging waste. We comply with all relevant government legislation relating to packaging and are working to optimise and reduce packaging levels further.

Waste – We are committed to ensuring none of our waste goes to landfill. We are working to make sure each waste is processed to highest standards, in accordance with the waste hierarchy.

Land Stewardship – our land is one of our greatest assets. As such, we ensure it is managed appropriately and that spaces for nature are created. We undesrstand the importance of bio-diversity and working in harmony with nature. We take pollution control very seriously and ensure that all risks to the local environment, and our people are eliminated, minimised and suitably controlled.